Made a connection last week with a friend, via her daughter, over Facebook.

Call it the proverbial Blast from the Past.

One phone call later and we were friends all over again. We were sharing stories of our current lives, as well as remembrances from over 30 years ago.

I am reminded of a close friend from my fourth/fifth/and sixth grade who I would love to reconnect with today. Yet I do not know where to start. Maybe I never will. But with the advent of social networking on the computer and the World Wide Web – who knows. Anything is possible.

Connections with people in my life are important. As I watch news videos of trouble throughout the world, earthquakes, hurricanes, hazardous waste spills—people connections seem even more important to me. Their stuff just floats away, or falls in the rubble with the damaged condos. It is the living who matter and are worth the effort to save. Seeing a person or a animal pulled alive from the wreckage, brings Joy and Hope for more who survived these tragedies.

I find myself asking what am I doing to make connections with friends and loved ones? My friends and loved ones might not be in an earthquake zone, but they are important just because they are!

If I work at it, I can change my world daily, by letting the people I am connected with know they are valued.

So for those readers who know me: You are Important and a Precious Child of the Living God!

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