Fred Warren, A Speculative Fiction Author to Follow

Fred Warren, A Speculative Fiction Author to Follow


I’ve found a new speculative fiction author—Fred Warren—to follow, well…at least new for me. He has three books published by Splashdown, and short stories in one of their compilation works, plus many magazine publications. It’s rare for me to read all the works by any given author, which goes to show I really like his writing.

In Odd Little Miracles Warren fascinates the reader with short stories that contain unpredictable twists. The second short story, An Eternal, Unbroken Chain, is about space aliens appearing in a desolate Iowa field. The twist is a real gotcha.

Our Lady of Chagrin captures the healing of a bad spiritual force. It definitely makes you ponder our world a little differently.

One of his stories, Rubes, gives a nod to Zenna Henderson and compelled me to reread her four book compilation entitled Ingathering, The Complete People Stories. He doesn’t copy her, but his story makes me believe in good again—as did the People Stories.

Of course Amazon carries this book and his others (The Muse, and The Seer) as well.




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