About Jan

Hello. I am Jan Lazo-Davis and I like to play with words. Thank you for finding my online home. I hope you enjoy the words I’ve shared with you.

I’m an Author, Social Media Marketing Expert, and I design Websites or Blogs for writers or actually anyone who wants one. Websites and Blogs are cool! (see www.ryasolutions.com)

Playing (what some would term working for pay) on the internet is one of my favorite activities. Other hobbies I spend time with are reading, writing, gardening and woodworking. Various other hobbies occupy my time as the mood swings.

Life has played differently with me. Although I was unable to bear children, because the focus of my life was not centered around children, I became a world traveler. We live in a fantastic world! From viewing animals in Africa while on safari to scuba diving with creatures in the ocean, I’ve seen a world which has so much variety it is impossible to categorize, only fun to enjoy.

People across the world amaze me. Cultures might live in ways different from one another, but people are truly lovely when you learn their culture and begin to interact. From the volcano in Arenal, Costa Rica—to Sadie Cove, Alaska—to Lombak, Indonesia—to Provence, France I’ve found wonderful individuals to share my life with as I traveled regions with my husband, Dan.

And one last fact about me—I love dogs! A beautiful Sheltie used to grace our lives and give meaning to each day with her cuddles and warm nose. RIP dear sweet Crystal.

I'm Happy!