Part 6—What is Wrong With the Daily Food Journal…

My Mother’s Journey of Healing From Diabetes

The world has changed since 2001 when I wrote this document for my siblings when Mom visited. And I have also learned a whole lot more.

I would have added to the list of Don’t—No GMO’s. I personally believe they destroy the digestive tract microorganisms, and they harm the environment. This is just for starters. On the list in Part 4 are several products that today would almost certainly be GMO. Soybeans or any soybean product would be GMO as would corn and sugar, unless the sugar were from pure cane.

As to meats, I would suggest organic Chicken, Turkey, Beef, and Wild Caught fish only. No canned fish of any sort because most of them are farm raised and thus grain fed which means no Omega-3 oils, only Omega-6 oils. Farm raised fish also have mercury and pesticides in the flesh.

No Canola Oil as it is all GMO. Instead use Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, both need to be first cold pressing and organic.

Cereals are listed, but I would be careful what I suggest today. Most are highly processed. A good steel cut oatmeal would be good. But it does take longer to cook.

Most nutritionist today advise using brown rice. However, I have read opinions contrary to that belief. I would consider adding Quinoa. Most of the Quinoa sold in the USA today is organic.

I would include more protein and fewer high-starch carbohydrates in the diet. Fruits and nuts should be included as a snack option, especially berries, almonds and walnuts. These three are heart healthy. A good serving of nuts is a closed hand full. A good serving of berries is one-forth cup.

Green tea is very healthy for you. However, considering some people who consume caffeine after six pm have difficulty sleeping, I would suggest decaffeinated green tea for the afternoon and evening.

In the listing I have included foods my mother liked. These are not critical to use. Other foods could be used instead of these and still keep the tone of the food plan.

Basically, the changes I made were to have a steady flow of food in small amounts during the day because at her level of diabetes illness and the amount of insulin she needed to take she was not able to fast.

With these dietary suggestions followed and her walking, she lost weight.

The next blog explains some reasons why these methods worked….

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